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  • The Social Network
    A birthday present from the kids. Oscar winning movie about the invention and development of FACEBOOK. Great film with a razor sharp script from Aaron Sorkin
  • Castaway
    I was late to the party with this movie. Generally I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks & this is another great performance by him. Highly recommended
  • Inception
    This movie was voted by Dr Kermode as his film of the year 2010. He added "Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash & that it is possible for blockbusters & art to be the same thing"

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leah sexton

guy is a close family member

george thomas

Guy,realy miss you from Vocal band .......Good luck....
For Such is God,Our God forever & ever:He'll guide us until death Psalm 48:14

Janet Ann-Hardin Sanders

Hey Guy,
I just watched your show, "The Best of Guy Penrod". It was great to see you and your dad.
I don't know if you remember me. I'm Karen Hardin Mavvaji's older sister, Janet. I went to Temple Baptist in Las Cruces from 1973 to 1980. One summer I ran-walked with you on a walkathon we were in for the church. We started out getting dumped off in Dona Ana somewhere. It was 20 miles and we tried to jog for a lot of it. I could hardly walk for the next couple of days after that-- you were probably fine.
I remember the many times you sang solos in church. You were a great singer then. We hoped you would put your voice to good use and it is great to see that you did just that.
Our church hosts concerts in the Portland, Oregon area. We can seat 2500. You might want to consider coming our way sometime. Feel free to write back if you are interested.

Alice E Johnson

I couldn't imagine why your picture wasn't included in the advertisement of GVB coming to Tulsa. My mind jumped to conclusions and I envisioned every "musician's end scenario" from fast cars to plane crashes... Dead or Alive the GVB will never be the same with out him, I thought!
I am sooo happy you are well, and I pray your solo career will be ginormously successful and that it will ultimately grow as you include your sons to harmonize with you. May God richly Bless you as you lift Him Up!

Edward Sake

Thank you Guy for your contribution to the G.V.B. over the years gone by.May God bless you in your new carrier path.Bill keep up the good work.I'll always be inspired by your inspiring music.

I cannot believe that Bill let u slip away and Marshall Hall, He has a lot of guys leave, did u get mad at Bill about something, u just don't jump up and leave cause u want to do ur own thing, u were the corner stone of that group, Bill is got this thing going, surprise he didn't get u on video leaving and getting in ur truck or limo , take care God Bless ur family

Bill Schrieber

Guy, Hope your new venture works for you. Your cousin Bill Schrieber. P.S. If your interested in doing a concert at Willow Creek Community Church let me know. This is where I attend.

betty Jean

in 1994 My husband was very ill with cancer,I had listened to the gaithers but my husband hadn"t, he had come back to the Lord only a year earlier. Afriend of his gave him some Gaither videos Guy you quickly became his favorite you blessed his soul; Tahnk you for being there during his last days , we started buying the videos and now have all but the last 2 Thank you Guy for your annointed singing, sincerwly BEtty J


Guy Penrod is one of the most annointed singers in the church today. He is not a 'showman' but is truly sold out to Christ and it is evident in his whole being as he sings for the glory of the Lord.
Sometimes the Lord does separate us and move us in a different direction for His purpose. I know that Guy is a child of the Almighty and that he hears His voice.
My prayers are with him and his family as he continues to serve the Lord.

Phyllis Thompson

I too, have enjoyed Guy Penrod and the GVB. I wish him all the success God intends for him and pray that he keeps God uppermost in his mind and heart. Somehow, I feel that he will. As far as the comment goes about his hair, you should finish reading the scripture you quoted. It goes on to say that we are not to be contentious in this matter. It is not the outward appearance that God is concerned with but, the inward man of the heart. As far as I can tell, Guy Penrod has always conducted himself in a Godly fashion. There has never been a hint of scandal follow him. That is more than I can say about many people singing in the gospel field today. Now he is just a man and surely satan has and will tempt him, but he puts forth a Godly spirit when he sings and truly seems to love his family. So, I say, or ask, are you sure that you are in a position to throw stones?

Michael Clemente

I really pray that you will rejoin the Gaither Vocal Band as it will never be the same without you.
Mike Clemente
Howell NJ

Millie Mills

I am a new fan of GP. I never heard of him before he was being interviewed on the TV last week. I thought he was the most wonderful speaker and singer I had ever heard. I sent an e mail to my niece who works for Renfro Valley Barn and ask her what she knew of him. She wrote back and said he is the best and a Christian man. Since then I have been looking up the videos on the computer and spend my time listening to him. I am sad he has chosen to go it alone. I wish him the very best and will continue to listen for his work. God Bless.

Joyce Ryan

We live in an area where groups such as yours seldomly have concerts. For years I have been blessed by Guys voice and sincere look of love for the Lord. We have traveled to your concerts.
They were the most wonderful events of my life.
I sat in the front row and cried my heart out as you sang of the cross. God bless you and please come to Montana or Alberta, Canada again. We will be there.

Melba Breedlove

Guy, I love your voice. Your smile has such a message of God's love in it and your eyes shine with the love that you have for Him. You will surely be missed by all of us who enjoy the GVB but we know you have to go where God sends you. I was also in a band until January of this year. God had other plans for me as well as for the band, so I am no longer with them. I know God will bless you on your endeavor to serve Him in a solo act. Just know you are loved and appreciated.

Steve and Cindy Peeler

Guy, the Vocal band will not be the same! It has not been the same since David and Mark left, now you! I understand that God calls us to take different roads but this one I just can't understand.God Bless you and your family on your new endeavor and yes I want to see the first CD you produce. Love IN Christ, Steve and Cindy Peeler

Gary Smith

As I keep saying....this is not Guy's site. I just reported the news!

Jane W. Dawson

Guy, you will never know how much inspiration you and the Gaither group brought to my terminally-ill husband who had Alzheimer's Disease. After other things that had been meaningful to him had faded into complete oblivion, his love for your type of singing stayed with him until almost the end. I knew when he didn't ask "what time does the big guy come on", his life was nearly over. Thank you for helping both of us cope with "a death sentence" with your beautiful voice. Good luck
with your new venture, and thanks for sharing your God-given talent with the world.

Jo Weaver

I will miss you! God bless you and your family as you face your new life ventures! Hopefully you will have your own gospel show on TV..It will be a bid hit!! Everyone loves you!

Jo Ann in Ohio


Guy you were a joy to listen to and I will miss you. God Bless you as you take your joouney into your solo ministry. And Mam or Sir who are you to make any judgements on his his hair. GOD is the judge Not you.


Dear Sir
I stand convicted on my careless words last evening
I really should have been more careful with my words please forgive me Harold. This is hard for me to do but when the Lord says do then I do it. Once again my most humblest apologies. I was tired so this is why I'm doing this now.God Bless You.

Nancy Pailloz

Guy, We will miss seeing and hearing you on the Gaithers. I think you are one of the best gospel singers and we will be sadden everytime we watch the Gaithers and you are not there. Please let us be a friend to you on Facebook. We would like to know where you are and when you have a album coming out. God bless you in your travels going solo. We wish you all the best and pray God will be with you and your family. Love in Christ
Nancy and Pat

Stevenson NJ Balausi

hi Guy Penrod. I am one of your fans from the Pacific (Solomon Islands). You become an inspiration to me. Sad to know that you have left the GVB, but I am looking forward for your Solo career.

I love listening to you. I like your voice.


Stevenson NJ Balausi

Lyn Webster

I've been on the search for a song I heard Guy sing on the Gaither Homecoming series; to my dismay I don't know the title, all I know are a few words; "Don't wee for me 'cause I'm going home to be with my Lord" a very upbeat tempo. I'm planning the final song for my funeral and I want an upbeat song. If anyone can help me find this song I'd be so grateful and thenkful.
Lyn Webster

Reverend Canon Diane V. Cookson

Hi Guy

I wish you every blessing as you continue your vocation to sing to the glory of God.
Your love for Christ and your love for music proclaiming His greatness has inspired thousands upon thousands of us ~ may you go from strength to strength.

Diane Cookson

Miss Sue

Hello, I like Guy Penrod. I think he is a handsome, good looking, nice looking man.

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