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  • The Social Network
    A birthday present from the kids. Oscar winning movie about the invention and development of FACEBOOK. Great film with a razor sharp script from Aaron Sorkin
  • Castaway
    I was late to the party with this movie. Generally I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks & this is another great performance by him. Highly recommended
  • Inception
    This movie was voted by Dr Kermode as his film of the year 2010. He added "Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash & that it is possible for blockbusters & art to be the same thing"

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Billy Monde

Too bad wish you good lucky


Sou brasileira, de São Paulo. Acompanho The Gaither desde 1998, pelo You Tobe e fiquei encantada em ouvir as músicas do GVB. O quarteto com Guy,David, Mark e Bill é harmonioso, espiritual e eleva a nossa alma. Fiquei triste com a saída de Guy, e agora em março GVB vem para o Brasil mas vai faltar a presença marcante de Guy. Todos são bons, mas mesmo com a qualidade de todos, o grupo não é mais o mesmo. Falta Guy que canta com o espírito e transmite com a alma. Através da sua doce voz a mensagem de Deus toca o nosso coração. Parabéns pela sua carreira solo e que Deus o abençoe infinitamente em todos os seus projetos e ministério. Que muitas vidas sejam transformadas pelo poder de Deus através da sua voz. Sua imagem sempre estará presente em nossas vidas. Eu e minha família amamos Guy Penrod. Raquel

Wayne Van  Gorder

Will Guy Penrod be performing any time in the near future in the state of Washington-if so where and when?I say this as when performing with the Gaithers it warmed my heart,soothed my soul to hear him sing so many of those familier gospel songs

Teresa Coutts

I am sorry that you have choosen to leave the Gaither Vocal Band; However, I understand that you want to try your solo career. I wish you all of the luck in the world. I am a very big fan of Guy Penrod and the Gaither Vocal Bands music with him. It helped me get through having my back surgury and healing from the pain when I had it done in Oct2007. Come to find out this month though I have More herniated discs and I get by listening to guy penrod and the Gaither Vocal Band's music. Again good luck.

Julie Chambers

I really love hearing you sing. Guy you have a wonderful voice and I was broken hearted when you left the Gaither Vocal Band. I wish you were still with them. May God bless you as you travel out on our own. I loved the episode, where they showed you and your whole family. May God bless you and your family richly. Julie Chambers

Alice Franklin

I love to hear you sing and it was hard for me to hear that you had left the Gaither vocal band. You have a fantastic voice. May God be with you, and may God broaden your horizons. I also enjoyed the prgram with you and your whole family. That was a real blessing to see. You and your family are in my prayers.

Rev. Dr. James L. Verner

Answering Harold Tinker about men having long hair:
Question: How long does hair have to be to be "long?" In Jesus day it was normal for men to have shoulder-length hair. In Wesley's day that too was the norm. Crew cuts were not the norm in Jesus' day. So, does Guy Penrod have "long" hair in the sense that the Bible denounces it? Such a small thing. Why not now start picking on the women in Bill Gaither's great world of song and worship to King Jesus. I bet that Harold has a few negatives to pose to them as well...right? Let's grow up! Guy, be yourself for Jesus sake. Harold work out his own salvation with "fear and trembling!"James Verner

Deb Legg

I have always enjoyed listening to Guy sing....I'd love to see him and his whole family start singing together...I heard then all singing once while they were making breakfast.....such a blessing! :)

Peggy Kight

Guy, I have been a fan of yours for many years and have missed you and your great voice on the Gaithers. I will pray your new journey will fulfill the need you obviously find in yourself at this time. However, I hope to find your new cd's and continue to hear your beautiful voice. It will not be the same as seeing your uplifting face and voice to God when you are singing. This fills a great need in me as well as others that miss us. Take care and God bless you on your new journey.

Laurelle Melleke

Guy, so sad to know that you are leaving the band. Sometimes people have to move on but you leaving the band, can't imagine the band without your tunes...but may God be with you as you continue to praise Him in your solo carier

Great fan of you, please add me as your friend on facebook, would love to know about your concerts and latest updates...

Elfreda Coertzen

Guy be assured that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your endaevour. May you and your family enjoy the blessings of our Father God in it's fullness.
We really enjoy the Gaither's and enjoyed their shows in South Africa but for the word to spread it is important to listen to the voice of God directing you to serve. Our prayers are with you.

Elfreda Coertzen - Randfontein South Africa

Toksy Kasa (Papua New Guinea)

Guy. I have been blessed by your vocol with the Gaither. I will miss you with the Gaither Vocal Band but I was confused with the rumours going around that Guy is dead and I am really worried..Pls can some one tell me then truth?

Robert Kagumba

Hey Guy you are my Guy.One day God willing i and your sweet voice an instrument to the Lord only for his Glory alone will travel to Uganda so that you may bare more fruit in that Country also. God bless you i just love the truth you bring and i love your family to. I watched your interview on TCT. I even did not know that you started a new journal on your earthly assignment. Brother , fellows servant of God, i will pray for you and i know you will trample more serpents this time. Love to your Family.

Apostle Robert Elisha Kagumba (Kalamazoo Michigan)

Samuel Holloway

GUY PENROD has a serious drinking problem and that is why Bill Gaither needed him to leave. For the love of God, why don't you ppl do your research? Mark is gay, Michael cheated on his wife with another married singer and had to return his covveted award. As a gospel singer of long years ago, I've seen too many men coming off of buses that were with women that were NOT their wives. As Larry Strickland put it on TV, it's just entertainment to them. For the few who did try to win souls to Jesus, it was impossible in the 70s to get past this. I hope he gets his act together for the sake of his famiy.

Ben Drake

Guy is a disobedient child who refuses to look at God's Word and obey. His looks have always been a turn off to me and I have refused to watch or listen to the Gaither's because of him.

It's not just a matter of his unGodly hair, it's the fact that he is totally unwilling to obey God.

Over the past several years I have sent complaints about him to the Gaither's and maybe I had some amount to do with his being kicked to the curb.

D. Hunter

Oh how I have been blessed by the GVB I found this music and what a great voice you have you can see Jesus through your gestures the group is still a great blessing to me and your presents will be missed.

Ione Hewins

We babysit our Grandson who is one year old as of Dec. 26,2011. First thing when he comes in the morning he goes over to the T.V. and claps his hands. That is our signal to turn on Guy's DVD which features Guy with the Gaither's. Several times throughout the day he will clap his hands as he walks over to the T.V. If we put on another DVD he will not stay to watch. If he is in another room and he hears Guy start to sing his countanance picks up and he runs to the TV. Until today I did not know Guy has left the Gaithers. If our DVD of Guy ever wears out we will have to get a new one. We love the fact that Evan is being brought up on God's word in song by Guy's music. Thank you Guy

Jimmy E. Edwards

Brother Guy, I'm 83 years old and you can have long hair or no hair. God looks at the heart.I've seen, and heard you a long time. I've been taught to "try the Spirit, and see if it is of God." YOU were not ashamed to raise your hands in song, tells me you were worshiping God, not the people. YOU were the one I always looked at when you were with the Gaither Vocal Band. God Bless, Jim E.

James Love Verner

The person who points Guy to the scripture which forbids a man to have long hair, forgot to tell Guy how long was "long" in Bible days. Guy would fit in wonderfully with the old Patriarchs and even with our Lord Jesus who very possibly had shoulder-length hair. The above-mentioned has not considered that it is he, not Guy, who has the problem. Our culture gives a man "short-back-and-sides" and says he is being scriptural. I doubt if NT culture would affirm that to be the case. Guy, keep your hair the way it is. Some people are too staid in western culture to see NT christianity of two thousand years ago in full bloom. Dr. James Verner

Rev Dr. James Verner

Why have you ommited my comment? I said that in Bible times Jesus and his disciples had long hair. How long is "long?" Keep it up Guy. Some people just don't read Christ into Jewish culture. They are too much taken with their own. Dr Jim Verner

Gamma Venus

I feel at a loss that you left GVB. You were the focal instrumental voice of the unit. It was not just your voice, however that revited me to watch the performances, but the raw display of the love of Jesus Christ that shone on your face and deepened the measure of faith in your eyes. You were not shy to lift your hand in praise to our God, nor to expose yourself to the emotion that overwhelms you in the sacrifice of our Lord for us, as you did when you sang "Why Me Lord". I pray God's blessings on you and your (large-- smile) family, also on your new venture. I pray the "risk" you speak about, outweighs the stability you once held with GVB. God is in charge. Whatever you do, make certain that you lean heavily on Him. And don't forget GVB. Whenever you can, you should make appearances with the Group. Again, God's Never Ending Grace be with you to cover you and your wonderful family. From a Grandmother.

Beverley Robinson

I love Wes and the other guys, but some how for me the sound is not the same, two main ingredients are missing and that is the voices of Guy and Marsh. I can only say that I loved the group more when Marsh and Guy were in it. No disrespect to the new members as I certainly will continue to listen to your music and buy your records. Love you all!

multiplayer flash games

I was disappointed that Guy wasnt at the Feb. 14, 2009 concert in Orlando Florida, but I have to admitt it was great getting hear David Phelps, Mark Lowry, and Michael English (its been a long time). The concert was amazing. Guy will be missed in the group but a solo career aint so bad either. Good luck and God Bless.

Belinda Beaumont

The GVB is not the same without Guy. I pray each time the show is televised that it will be one that Guy is in. His presence is greatly missed.

Joy mumo

all things work for the glory of the lord. it was nice of having known you Penrod for the past years and hope he showers your dreams with great blessings and promise to support your great singing with prayers and wish nothing but the best for you and your family as well .I really loved your singing in the band and a great difference has been made by that but as i said earlier all things work for the glory of God .i wish both you and the left members of the vocal band though ..... anyways all the best GOD bless you Penrod we love you!!!!!!!!!!

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