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  • The Social Network
    A birthday present from the kids. Oscar winning movie about the invention and development of FACEBOOK. Great film with a razor sharp script from Aaron Sorkin
  • Castaway
    I was late to the party with this movie. Generally I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks & this is another great performance by him. Highly recommended
  • Inception
    This movie was voted by Dr Kermode as his film of the year 2010. He added "Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash & that it is possible for blockbusters & art to be the same thing"

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oh my word. i rarely comment on blog entries but this deserved one. the shack pratically changed my life. it's the most inspiring, healing book i've ever read. seriously, keep reading it to the very end. it's incredible.

Andy Vaughan

I have read the Shack and found it very confusing and biblically incorrect. The use of God as a woman I found slightly insulting although I know it was intended to represent the kinder side of God. It's a nice story with a somewhat happy ending. However misdirection is still misdirection.


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