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  • The Social Network
    A birthday present from the kids. Oscar winning movie about the invention and development of FACEBOOK. Great film with a razor sharp script from Aaron Sorkin
  • Castaway
    I was late to the party with this movie. Generally I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks & this is another great performance by him. Highly recommended
  • Inception
    This movie was voted by Dr Kermode as his film of the year 2010. He added "Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash & that it is possible for blockbusters & art to be the same thing"

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Janie Dail

We miss seeing you with the gaithers. We have been to Murtle Beach,SC for the last 2 years.
What is Guy Penrod doing now?


You should still be very cautious and be patient.

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